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Server-side player commands supported by SuckerServ servers.

Command Syntax

#<command> <argument>
argument: word | "text" | [text]

Common Parameters

<cn>: Client number

A client number, every player connected to the server is uniquely assigned one of these numbers; commands which target players require a CN argument. Client numbers are shown on the scoreboard window for master and admin players, normal players can enable the CN column by typing /showclientnums 1 into their console.

Public Commands

Everyone can use theses commands


Raise your privilege to admin with authkey authentification.

Give a cookie to a player.

#cheater <cn>

Write an entry in the server log and notify to admins a cheater.

#forgive <cn>

Forgive the teamkill of a player.

#help ["command"]

Display an help message for the given command or list all commands available with your privilege.


Display an information message.


Raise your privilege to invisible-admin with authkey authentification.


Raise your privilege to invisible-master with authkey authentification.


Lower the game time when the mapsucks ratio is reached


Raise your privilege to master with authkey authentification.

#me <"message">

A command to say what you're doing, like on IRC.

#msg <cn> <"message">

Send a private message to a player.


Tells you what the next map will be.


List players and their stats.

#spy 1 / 0

Set yourself to spy-mode.

#stats [<cn>]

Display your statistics (frags, deaths, accuracy etc.) for the current game. This command is useful because it displays variables not shown in the scoreboard window.

#stats total [<cn>]

Displays your cumulative statistics of all the games you've played on the server. Player records are identified by player name alone, for an unmixed record be sure to choose a distinctive player name.


Activate or deactivate suddendeath mode.


Shows how long the server has been running.

#votekick <cn>

Vote to kick a player.


Display which player are logged in.

Master Commands

Only Masters can access theses commands. The Masters can also use the Public Commands.

#givemaster <cn>

Hand over master privilege to another player.

#names <cn>

List previously used names of a player; players are identified by IP address.

#msg <text>

Send a global message.

#playermsg <cn|name> <text>

Send a message to a player.

#specmsg <text>

Send a message to spectators.

#addbot [<low>] [<high>]

Add a bot to the game with optional low/high levels.

Admin Commands

Only Admins can access theses commands. Admins can also use the Public and Master Commands.

#giveadmin <cn>

Give a player admin.

#rankgame <mode> <map> <countdown(secs)>

Execute the rank game sequence.

#maxclients <number>

Resize the server's player capacity.

#motd <text>

Set the server motd.


Reload server scripts and configuration.

#mute <cn>

Block chat messages coming from a player.

#unmute <cn>

Unblock chat messages coming from a player.


Make all players join spectators.


Make all players leave spectators.

#forcespec <cn|name>

Make a player join the spectators.

#unforcespec <cn|name>

Make a player unjoin the spectators.


Pause the game.


Resume the game.

#1on1 <player1cn> <player2cn> <gamemode> <mapname>

Prepare server for a 1on1 game. <gamemode> = insta (instagib) ffa (ffa/default) eff (efficiency) icft (insta ctf) instateam (instagibteam)

#versus <player1cn> <player2cn> <gamemode> <mapname>

Same as #1on1? (please confirm)

#effic <player1cn> <player2cn>

Start an efficiency game. (please confirm)

#insta <player1cn> <player2cn>

Start an instagib game. (please confirm)

#group <tag> <team>

Group players with matching tag name on to the same team.

#kick <cn> <reason>

Kick a player from the server without banning them. The ban get removed once the server is clear.

#ban <cn> <time> <time-unit> <reason>

Ban a player from the server for a certain amount of time.

#warning <cn|name> <text>

Send a player a warning.


Enable sudden death mode.


Disable sudden death mode.

#persist <1|0>

Enable/disable persistent teams at mapchange.

#changetime <minutes> [<seconds>]

Change remaining time in the round.

#forcemap <mode> <map> <time>

Forces the map and gamemode to change, with the round lasting a certain amount of time.

#eval <code>

Execute Cubescript.

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