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Supported Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • FreeBSD

Required Dependencies

Name Description Download page URL Ubuntu Package ArchLinux Package
GCC/G++ Gnu C Compiler with C++ support Homepage build-essential base-devel
CMake Build system Download cmake cmake
GeoIP (optional) IP address to country lookup database Download libgeoip-dev geoip
SQLite3 Database engine Download libsqlite3-dev sqlite
ZLib Data compression library Homepage zlib1g-dev zlib
Git Open source version control system Homepage git git
MySQL (optional) Open source database Download libmysqlclient-dev libmariadbclient
OpenSSL Open source implementation of SSL/TLS Download libssl-dev openssl
Boost Provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. Homepage libboost-all-dev boost

Download the Source Code

svn checkout http://suckerserv.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ suckerserv

But suckerserv is no more updated on google code, the new commits are made on github, so to download that new one :

git clone https://github.com/SuckerServ/suckerserv.git

Build and Install

cd suckerserv/suckerserv-v5
chmod +x compile.sh


The server configuration file exists at conf/server.conf.

Main Server Variables

Name Default Value Description
servername “SuckerServ-v5” A name to identify your server that will appear on the server browser
serverip “” Game server listen address
serverport 28785 Game server listen port
publicserver 1 Register the server on the sauerbraten.org masterserver to appear on the server list
maxclients 8 Maximum number of client connections
specslots 0 Switch to 1 to increase maxclients for each spectators
reserved_slots 1 Number of reserved slots for admin
reserved_slots_password “” Password for reserved slots without giving admin privilege
motd “” Message Of The Day, sent on player connection
admin_password “” Used to gain admin status in-game by typing /setmaster <admin_password>. (See alternative: Authkey authentification)
master_password “” Used to gain master status in-game by typing /setmaster <master_password>. Only useful if /setmaster 1 isdisallowed (See alternative: Authkey authentification)
server_password “” Used to prevent player connection without giving a password
intermission_time 30000 Time to wait at intermission before loading next map
ctf_teamkill_penalty true Toggles wether teamkilling the flagrunner disallow the teamkiller from stealing the flag

Game Customization Variables

Name Default Value Description
default_gamemode “ffa” The game mode used for the first game
default_game_on_empty 1 Switch back to default game mode when the server goes empty
allowed_gamemodes <all> List of acceptable game modes that players can vote for
allow_mapvote 1 Ban map voting by setting this var to 0
use_best_map_size 0 Next map is chosen for its appropriate size based on the number of players
use_server_random_maprotation 0 Next map is randomly chosen
mapvote_disallow_unknown_map 1 Disallow map votes for maps not found in the current game-mode's map rotation list

The map rotation lists are located in conf/maps.conf and conf/new_maps.conf

Server Configuration Exemples

Startup and Shutdown


To immediately shutdown the server:

./bin/server stop


If you're having any problems installing or configuring SuckerServ feel free to drop by our IRC channel at #suckerserv on the Gamesurge IRC network and we'll help you out (#suckerserv@irc.gamesurge.net), or our Jabber room at suckerserv@salons.piernov.org.

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