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Player Functions


Name and Parameters Return Value Description
server.player_id(cn) number Get the unique ID for the player's name and ip address.
server.player_sessionid(cn) number Get the unique ID for the player's connection
server.player_name(cn) string Get the player's name.
server.player_displayname(cn) string Get the player's name for name display. If name is not unique then CN is appended.
server.player_team(cn) string Get the player's team name.
server.player_ip(cn) string Get the player's IP address.
server.player_iplong(cn) number Get the player's IP address in long number form.

Game Stats

Name and Parameters Return Value Description
server.player_frags(cn) number Note: affected by suicide and teamkilling
server.player_deaths(cn) number
server.player_teamkills(cn) number
server.player_suicides(cn) number
server.player_damage(cn) number
server.player_damagewasted(cn) number
server.player_hits(cn) number
server.player_misses(cn) number
server.player_shots(cn) number
server.player_accuracy(cn) number Calculated from shots and misses. Note: game client uses different calculation method which maybe noticeable in game modes such as ffa or efficiency.
server.player_accuracy2(cn) number Calculated from damage and damagewasted. Client calculation method, used in awards/best_stats and stats modules.
server.player_timeplayed(cn) number Number of seconds played in the current game.
server.player_win(cn) number Returns 1 or 0 for win or lose, respectively. In singles mode, a winner is a player with the most frags. In team mode, winners are players on the winning team.
server.player_rank(cn) number Player's rank calculated at the end of the game. For team games, rank is relative to team members.
server.player_armour(cn) number
server.player_armour_type(cn) number

Connection Stats

Name and Parameters Return Value Description
server.player_connection_time(cn) number Number of seconds connected to the server.
server.player_ping(cn) number Returns the last reported ping value.
server.player_lag(cn) number Get the player's lag value measured as the time delay between receiving position updates.

Current Status

Name and Parameters Return Value Description
server.player_status(cn) string Game status: dead, alive, editing etc.
server.player_status_code(cn) number Constants: server.ALIVE, server.DEAD, server.SPAWNING, server.LAGGED, server.SPECTATOR, server.EDITING
server.player_pos(cn) number, number, number Last received position
server.player_gun(cn) string Current weapon held
server.player_health(cn) number
server.player_maxhealth(cn) number
server.player_priv(cn) string Master status: none, master or admin
server.player_priv_code(cn) number Constants: server.PRIV_NONE, server.PRIV_MASTER and server.PRIV_ADMIN
server.player_mapcrc(cn) string The map crc value sent by the client.
server.player_isbot(cn) boolean Returns true if the player is a bot.


Name and Parameters Return Value Description
server.player_msg(cn, text) nil Send a server message to a player.
server.player_slay(cn) nil Kill a player; their stats aren't affected.
server.player_suicide(cn) nil Force a player to suicide, which will affect their game stats.
server.changeteam(cn, team) boolean Move a player to another team.
server.kick(cn,[bantime],[admin],[reason]) nil Kick and ban a player from the server. Argument defaults: bantime=4 hours, admin=“server”, reason=“”.
server.permban(ip) nil Set IP address range as permanently banned from the server.
server.unsetban(ip) boolean Remove IP address from ban list.
server.spec(cn) number Force a player to join spectators.
server.unspec(cn) nil Force a player to join the game.
server.mute(cn) nil Block the player's chat messages as they're received.
server.unmute(cn) nil Set to not block the player's chat messages.
server.setmaster(cn) nil Give a player master privilege. Note: only 1 visible master/admin is supported.
server.setadmin(cn) nil Give a player admin privilege. Note: only 1 visible master/admin is supported.
server.unsetmaster() nil Take away master privilege from the current master.
server.set_invisible_admin(cn) nil Give player admin status, but is invisible to other players.
server.set_invisible_master(cn) nil Give player master status, but is invisible to other players.
server.unsetpriv(cn) nil Take away player's master or admin privilege. This function should work on all privilege configurations.

Player Iteration

Name and Parameters Return Value Description
server.players() table Returns an array of CNs for all the human players playing
server.gplayers(option) Iterator function, returns a player object for each iteration. Option argument can be either nil, “players”, “spectators” or “all”
server.spectators() table Returns an array of CNs for all the spectators
server.bots table Returns an array of CNs for all the bot players

Object Wrapper

The object wrapper turns the player functions into player object methods, you might find it's quicker or think it's nicer to use the object wrapper. The function names are the same except they don't have the player prefix, so for example the


is just


for the player object. To construct a new player object call



for player in server.gplayers() do

Team Functions

Name and Parameters Return Value Description
server.teams() table Returns an array of team names.
server.team_players(team) table Returns an array of CNs for all players on the specified team.
server.team_score(team) number
server.team_win(team) boolean Has the highest score of all the teams
server.team_draw(team) boolean Score is equal to the scores of all the other teams. TODO: remove argument.

Game Functions

Name and Parameters Description
pausegame(pause) Pause or resume game. Argument value must be 1 or 0
changetime(milliseconds) Change time remaining
changemap(map,[mode],[time]) Change map
delbot(cn) Remove a bot from the game belonging to a player

Server Functions

Name and Parameters Description
restart() Restart server process at end of the game or immediately if the server is empty.
restart_now() Restart server now
shutdown() Shut down server process (which will also terminate the irc bot process)
reloadscripts() Reload all the scripts without restarting the server
msg(text) Broadcast message on server
clearbans() Clear all temporary bans
recorddemo(filename) Immediately start recording the game (no server message is broadcast)
stopdemo() Stop recording game

Utility Functions

Name and Parameters Description
ip_to_country(ip) Resolve IP address to country
ip_to_country_code(ip) Resolve IP address to a two letter country code
load_geoip_database(filename) Resolve ip address to a two letter country code
gethostbyname(name) Resolve FQDN to IP address.
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