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Python Irc Bot

What you need

In order to make the python bot work, you need to install a dependence called :



In suckerserv/python_bot, you will find a file called config.py. With this file, you will configurate your bot.

Irc identity

Nom Default Description
servername gamesurge Name of the irc server (GameSurge, Freenode,…)
host Ip address of the irc server
port 6667 Connection port of the irc server
channels #suckerserv Irc channel where the bot will stay connected
default_channel #suckerserv You can control your irc bot only on this channel


Name Default Description
name server1 Name of the gameserver on irc
host localhost Ip address of the gameserver
password Password that you have writen in server.conf (python bot part
format \00301%s\003 Color of the irc gameserver name



To use the bot commands, you need to be an operator (op). To use a command, you just need to write “.servername <command> <action>”

Example: my servername is suckerserv, i write: .suckerserv kick 4 datAdmin

List of commands

command Description
ping See if your bot is connected to the gameserver
say <text> Speak from irc ⇒ gameserver
players Shows all the players connected to the gameserver
restart Restarts the server
uptime Tells you the server's uptime
stats <cn> Look to the stats of a player who is connected on your gameserver
mute <cn> Mute someone on your gameserver
unmute <cn> Unmute someone on your gameserver
kick <cn> <admin_name> Kick someone from your gameserver
disconnect <cn> Disconnect someone from your gameserver
spec <cn> Make someone spectator on your gameserver
unspec <cn> Move someone from spectator on your gameserver
slay <cn> Kill someone on your gamerserver
clearbans Clear all bans on your gameserver
pause Pause the game
resume Resume the game
specall Make all players specator
unspecall Move all players from spectator
recorddemo Record a demo
stopdemo Stop the record of a demo
ip <cn> Show the ip of a player
map <map> Launch a <map>
changetime <time> Change the time of the current game
reload Reload all server scripts

You can use .all <command> <action> if you wish to activate a command on all your actuall servers.

Example : I want to use the players command on all my servers, I do : .all players

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